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Torn-Dark Bullets 2020

Torn Dark Bullets is a thriller movie based on reality. A clear look at police racism, police violence, and the organization’s relationship. We are not saying that we know the…

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365 Days 2020

This is a romantic drama movie. The main character of the movie is Massimo Torricelli. He is a young and good-looking boss of the Sicilian Mafia family. After the death…

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Bad Trip 2020

In this comedy-drama movie, two best friends go on camping. Two friends embark on a road trip across the country making hidden camera pranks to people. On their journey, they…

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Possessor 2020

Possessor is a sci-fi thriller. The movie is telling the story of an agent, who works for a secret organization that uses brain implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies.…

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Enemy Lines 2020

In November 1943, a team of attacking British soldiers led by an American officer was sent to Poland for a secret mission beyond enemy lines. Working with the resistance, the…

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Time to Hunt 2020

The background of the story is set in the era after the future social and economic collapse of South Korea. Three criminals are eager to flee away from their world…

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Extraction 2020

Tyler Rake is a fearless mercenary who works behind the scenes. When he has nothing more to lose, he is charged by a powerful mafia kingpin, currently incarcerated, to save…

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Powerbomb 2020

Powerbomb is the story of a wrestler. After years of struggling in his wrestling career, he’s contemplating leaving it all behind to spend more time with his family. When our…

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Penance Lane 2020

Penance Lane is a horror film. The story of the movie revolves around a criminal Crimson Matthews. After release from the prison, he decides to start a job in a…

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Sergio 2020

Sergio Viera de Mello has spent many years in various crisis regions of the world. He knows exactly how to deal with presidents, revolutionary leaders, and great criminals, but his…

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