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Boarding School 2018
Boaz Yakin’s coming-of-age horror movie “Boarding School” stars Luke Prael, who viewers of “Eighth Grade” might recognize as Aiden, the simple object of young Elsie’s affection. Here, he plays Jacob, a Brooklyn-born boy in the ’90s who is sent to a boarding school because his mother is tired of him having screaming night terrors, and after his father catches him dancing in his recently-deceased grandmother’s clothes. Before this, Jacob attends the funeral of said matriarch, and hears from a strange woman about a time during World War II that she was repeatedly raped by a Nazi soldier while in hiding, until she was saved by Jacob’s grandmother, who had sharpened her teeth with a nail filer. For more Horror free mp4 movies online click on given aside link.

Title: Boarding School 2018
Director:Boaz Yakin
Writers: Boaz Yakin
Stars: Luke Prael, Samantha Mathis, David Aaron Baker

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