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Taking as its starting point the classic fantasy story, this new version features Léa Seydoux (Damnable Bastards) in the role of sweet and compressive Bella, while Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) gets into the furry skin of the proud and Stubborn beast Keeping the story of beauty, illusion and love, this modern interpretation brings dynamism and action to the plot, surprising it with an ambience and a different visual universe. An experimentation of style on superficiality and illusion with a different reading of the fable world-wide known. Magic is still present in this more adult, reflective and striking approach, embellishing the dreamlike atmosphere that characterizes it.

Title: Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Director: Bill Condon
Writers: Stephen Chbosky (screenplay), Evan Spiliotopoulos (screenplay)
Stars: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

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