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Download Ghost Shark Movie. The plot centers on the exact moment when a group of sailors is immersed in a fishing trip, which ends up killing a great white shark in cold blood. The problem is that his spirit returns to take revenge and turn against the city of Small port, which will certainly lead to a number of really dangerous consequences for all young inhabitants .La Ava, her little sister Cicely and her friend Blaise witness the horror , but no one beliefs their story and considering that this is a fantasy created in the minds of the protagonists. With the help of a grumpy lighthouse keeper named Finch, teenagers discover that the spectral shark is able to move and hunt anywhere where there is water and the dark past of  the city can help to defeat him.

Ghost Shark (2013) on IMDb

Writers: Eric Forsberg (story), Griff Furst (story)

Stars: Robert Aberdeen, Jayme Bohn, Eliot Brasseaux

Release Date: 22 August 2013



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