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Download Why Him Mp4 Movie.Ned Fleming  is an affectionate but overprotective father, whose printing press is going down in the face of competition from technology companies. During the vacation, he travels to California with his family to visit his daughter Stephanie. There he meets his biggest nightmare, Laird Mayhew , a billionaire video game designer from Silicon Valley who is his daughter’s boyfriend. Although Laird has good intentions, he is an impetuous type capable of saying and doing the least indicated and in the worst form. Ned, on the other hand is a straight and conservative man who is out of place in the glamorous world of technology. What promises to be an emotional reunion between father and daughter is quickly altered by the presence of Laird, a boyfriend who is not the ideal partner in Ned’s eyes. The two men will rival and fight for the affection of the young university student
John Hamburg
Writers: Jonah Hill (story), John Hamburg (story)
Stars: Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Tangie Ambrose

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