In this video series you will see tricks for both Excel 2003

Diagnosis of bipolar disorder is based on:Presence of symptoms over timeAbsence of medications and medical or neurological illness that may look like bipolar disorderFamily history of bipolar disorderMania is diagnosed if abnormally elevated mood (lasting at least one week) occurs with three or more of the other symptoms of mania. If your mood is irritable, four additional symptoms must be present.Depression is diagnosed if depressed mood or loss of interest in pleasure occurs every day (or nearly every day) over the last two weeks, and is accompanied by five or more of the symptoms.A diagnostic evaluation may include a mental status exam to determine if your speech or thought patterns or memory have been affected, as sometimes happens in the case of bipolar disorder.You may also be evaluated for other psychiatric conditions such as anxiety disorders and alcohol or drug abuse.Physical Examination. If you are first seeing a doctor or general practitioner, they often may want to conduct a physical exam.

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