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grA sequel to the adventure “Jumanji Welcome to Jungle” where high school students who were sucked into the world of video games became avatars of game characters that were far from their original forms and developed adventures. Two years have passed since Jumanji’s adventure was cleared. Spencer, Martha, Fridge, and Bethany have taken their respective courses and are now college students. However, Spencer who can’t forget the excitement at that time secretly repaired the game “Jumanji” that should have been destroyed, and is sucked into the game again. In order to rescue Spencer, the remaining three people also log in to “Jumanji”, but the broken game world is full of bugs and character replacement settings are messed up. Furthermore, Spencer’s grandpas were sucked together, and new stages such as deserts and icebergs were added as well as the jungle. In addition to Dwayne Johnson, the main cast, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas and other main casts have been reunited. The director continued to be Jake Kasdan.

Director: Jake Kasdan,
Writers: Jeff Pinkner
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart

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