Not only will you have the chance to see some of the most

3. Mezcalero Cocina Mexicana (3714 14th St. Mezcalero is a more sweeping version of El Sol Restaurante Tequileria, the 11th Street NW operation that introduced us to Alfredo and Jessica Solis’s refined Mexico City street fare. Not only will you have the chance to see some of the most amazing wildlife on earth, but also you’ll get to revel in the vast landscapes and rapidly developing cities of this fast changing continent. Discover the hipster, chic side of Cape Town, play golf in the crater of an extinct volcano, travel by rail with our celebrity expert Jeremy Paxman, the options are myriad. Perhaps you’re just in the mood to drive the classic South African road trip along the Garden Route, or you want to go and see some whales, or even, if you’re there for the right time of year, witness the Great Migration of the wildebeest through the Ngorongoro.

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