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The Legacy of the Bones 2020

Inspector Amaia Salazar has just returned from maternity leave and is already faced with an enigma: the emergence of the word Tartallo in several deaths, in some cases written on…

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Wendy 2020

The main character of the movie is kidnapped and taken to a remote island where a tribal war is raging. Gets lost on a mysterious island where aging and time…

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Gold Dust 2020

Gold Dust is a wild adventure movie that blends the stark deadly beauty of the desert. In Mexico border, two longtime friends are dedicated to the search for a ghost…

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Skinned 2020

The movie is telling the story of a serial killer Nathan, a tattoo artist who, murders his female customers and feeds them to his crocodiles. Eva a female police officer…

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Lost Girls 2020

Mari Gilbert’s daughter, Shannan, is missing. Not knowing where he looked and so at all, not knowing exactly what happened to him, one can only guess that he fell victim…

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Doctor Death 2020

The movie is based on two main characters Sarah and Dr. Vincent. In the movie story, a beautiful young woman (Sarah) gets hurt while skiing, she is cured by an…

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Impractical Jokers-The Movie 2020

The movie is about a group of four teenage friends, Joe, Sal, Murr, and Q. However, they accidentally ruin the concert after Joe jumped out on stage the outcome embarrassed…

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The Turning 2020

Kate (Mackenzie Davis) is a young teacher hired to work as a housekeeper in the mansion of a wealthy family. In the house, located in Essex, London, lives Flora (Brooklynn…

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Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears 2020

This movie is telling the story of a detective named Phryne Fisher. After freeing a young woman who was illegally imprisoned in Jerusalem, Miss Fisher begins to solve a ten-year…

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Shooting Heroin 2020

The film is telling approximately the shadow facets of America. The count number of dead people is increasing day by day by use and selling of heroin in an American…

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