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The Kid Detective
Watch online free movie The Kid Detective 2020 without registration. This movie is about the life of a young man named Abe Applebaum. When Abe Applebaum was a young twelve-year-old teenager, he managed to become famous with the help of his detective abilities. One got the impression that even then his future was predetermined. At the moment, Abe Applebaum is already thirty-two years old, and he still continued to live his own dream. He wanted to make every effort to become an experienced and professional detective who would specialize exclusively in the most complex and intricate crimes. But on the territory of the small town where he lived, nothing serious happened at all. And after a while, the guy himself began to turn into a big teenager in the eyes of the people around him. Now no need to pay to avoid commercials,you can stream freely without any advertisement only on 123netflix.

Director: Evan Morgan
Writers: Evan Morgan
Stars: Adam Brody, Sophie Nélisse, Sarah Sutherland

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