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Since Gun Drones have a 4+ save, they survive the same with no AP, but have firepower of their own. And if the enemy uses higher AP weapons against the screen, then they basically wasted that firepower in taking out very simple models they could used elsewhere.Now that Saviour Protocols conveys a mortal wound the shield drone generator is pointless unless it is targeted directly. Couple this with the fact that most weapons shooting drones are 0 ap or maybe ap 1 and the shield drone is looking woefully outclassed by the gun drone that is effectively a flying burst cannon.The change brings Saviour Protocols in line with other bodyguard mechanics but it also strips nearly all of the value out of the shield drone.Though as far as I see they still could be useful with characters, as they got to be shot first, and the 4++ does make them noticeably harder to kill with any actual AP weaponry.

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