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Hardcore HenryDownload hardcore henry movie

DirectorIlya Naishuller

WritersIlya Naishuller, Will Stewar

StarsSharlto Copley, Tim Roth, Haley Bennett

Release Date: 8 April 2016 (USA)

Hardcore Henry (2015) on IMDb

Plot:  Download hardcore Henry movie is a must have because of its unique action in the movie. The movie is one of its kind till now, you will get feeling of fighting from the actors view and it looks great in the trailers of the movie released. The movie tells the story of a person who is rescued from the death and dont have any memory of his past. Then his wife is kidnapped by mafia and forced to fight with them. Its a great experience to watch the movie from eyes of Henry ,It feels like you are playing video game with great videos graphics. The stunts of movie are also amazing, it awesome to watch them in other view point than other regular movies. The is first movie with this kind of filming and its made good. The movie is released in Russia in 2015 and will be released in USA in Arpil 2016. The IMDB rating of the movie is 7+ with shows its a good movie to watch, very few action movies have that high rating in IMDB and many good postive responses from the critiques too.

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